Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ths SIS hunt for WMD

WMD? WTF? SIS proves vigilant in its idiocy...

In November 2009 it was revealed that the SIS met with the University Vice 
Chancellor's Committee, urging lecturers to be vigilant about students 
acquiring knowledge about Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMD) and to 
encourage them to spy on students.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Surveillance of Activists – Amateur and Dangerous

"...we came across a poster a few years ago. The poster contained about 50 photos of activists  ...  At the bottom of the poster is a caption reading “If you have any information on any of the mentioned Activists/Protesters, then forward all details through to Detective Mike Cartwright, Harlech House, 482 Great South Road ”. ...  Despite being 16 at the time and having no convictions then or since I was included on the poster. Many of the other people on the poster had never been to an animal rights demo and were shocked to see themselves on it...."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rob Gilchrist - police informant for 'anti-terror' unit

Rob Gilchrist, a Christchurch-based man has spied on activist groups for more than 10 years. He worked for the NZ Police and was sending information to Detective Peter Gilroy and Detective Sergeant John Sjoberg. They are both members of the Special Investigation Group (SIG).

The SIG has groups in Auckland (headed by Aaron Lee Pascoe), Wellington (headed by Brian Woodcock) and Christchurch (where Gilroy and Sjoberg are based). Gilchrist, also know as balaclava, was spying on various groups including the Save Happy Valley Coalition, Peace Action Wellington, Auckland Animal Action and many other groups and individuals.