Monday, February 14, 2011

Submissions Against the Bill due Friday 18 Feb

OASIS information stall about the SIS
Thursday, 17 Feb at 12:00 on Lambton Quay

As submissions against the SIS Amendment Bill close Friday, 18 February, OASIS will be helping out the day before by having a SIS information desk on Lambton Quay. We will set up a table, wearing our best black suits, and sign people up to request their SIS files, to make submissions, and in general discuss surveillance and state security in this society.

If you are free to give asistance, please meet outside the Westpac Bank, upper Lambton Quay, on Thursday lunchtime (12pm). 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OASIS - Submissions Against SIS Amendment Bill

Submission on the Security Intelligence Amendment Bill close Friday, 18 February.

Normally submissions to select committees are heard in public, but because this Bill will be heard before the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), chaired by John Key, submissions will be be heard in secrecy. So if you do a submission, demand to be heard in public.