Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Part One of the GCSB Bill was debated Tuesday and will continue this week.

Protests continue against the bill and include:

Action: Wednesday 3pm, (07/08/13), outside GCSB HQ, Pipitea House, Wellington

Surveil the Surveillers - Unmask the Spies - come dressed in a trench coat, wear dark glasses, bring a surveillance camera, masks and a whistle or two.

Pipitea House houses an interesting group of people, including not only the GCSB but also the Department of Minister and Cabinet (DPMC), the National Assessments Bureau (NAB), the Combined Threat Assessment Group (CTAG) and the Security and Risk Group (SRG). CTAG includes representatives from the Police, the GCSB, the Security Intelligence Service (SIS), the New Zealand Defence Force, Maritime New Zealand and the New Zealand Customs Service.

Action: Thursday (08/08/13) approximately 3pm, Parliament.

The Bill will probably be having its third and final reading. Attend Parliament, go to the Public Gallery - be a witness.

And of course: contact MPs (National, John Banks and Peter Dunne) and urge them not to vote for the Bill.

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